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I am Andrew Shpagin, the developer of 3D-Coat. This is my personal blog devoted to the development of 3D-Coat. This blog is created to give fast and non-official information about 3D-Coat. I will post there daily news, what I am doing now, what features are under development this moment. It could be really interesting for everyone who is interested in 3D-Coat.

Friday, November 16, 2007

During several days I have replaced standart Windows color picker with the custom one. I have made 5 types if pickers. I like to do something to the end :) The images are below:

The other feateure - import meshes with original positions preserving. Like you know, Catmull-Clark algoritm changes positions of vertices because of smoothing. I have add an option "Preserve positions". In this case in every stage of subdivision points will be moved to them original places using some additional interpolation for new points. This is not 100% solution because sometimes it breaks ideal smoothing, but sometimes it works really good.

Today I plan to make many bugfixes and implement "Focal Shift" for pen.

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