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I am Andrew Shpagin, the developer of 3D-Coat. This is my personal blog devoted to the development of 3D-Coat. This blog is created to give fast and non-official information about 3D-Coat. I will post there daily news, what I am doing now, what features are under development this moment. It could be really interesting for everyone who is interested in 3D-Coat.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy new year!

At least I have made the texture baking tool. Now you can project current mesh on another mesh and get textures of color, specular, normalmaps and displacement forr that mesh. It works fast, the baking takes almost the same time like simple texture saving. It uses multiple processors if you have it. Why do you need texture baking?

1) To get correct displacement maps even in case when you have dragged surface in sculpt tool.
2) Sometimes you need to change topology or uv-set of mesh. For example you need to simplify mesh and get textures for simplified mesh. In this case you can use texture baking.
How to use it? The screenshot of that tool is below:

To get displacement map you should set "Smooth" option because displacement is calculated like difference between object in scene and smoothed input mesh. If you want to project on current mesh you should check option "Use current low poly mesh...". In this case it is better to check options "Use original positions..." and "Smooth mesh" if you want to get displacement and uncheck them if you want only normalmap.

I have uploaded the new version there:


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